Why Kura?

“It’s all about the people”

Acquiring the right talent, at the right time, for any business is a challenge.    Finding the right fit for your organisation, and for your customers, is not a matter of luck.... it takes effort and time.   Recruitment is time consuming, resource intensive and costly.  And competition is often fierce.

Kura offers tailored recruitment solutions to airlines and aircraft operators.  We are experienced in designing and implementing highly successful, cost effective, time critical recruitment solutions.  We listen to your needs.  We get to know your business.  We take time to understand what you want and, importantly, what you don’t want!  We have a highly flexible approach and will collaborate with you to find the right solution for you.

The Kura team comprises individuals from a variety of backgrounds; several of whom have a wealth of expertise in recruitment and selection.   Our values are simple; we love people.  We want the individuals and companies we work with to have a great experience working with Kura.

Our approach is professional, it’s collaborative and open. It’s personal.   Our airline partners are guaranteed our full care and attention.

You get only the best pilots, best cabin crew and the ultimate in recruitment service.

Delighted to Partner with....

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Aon Assessments are fully compliant with EASA & IATA training guidelines, and we have helped shape some of the most recent recommendation papers to EASA together with Captain Andy O’Shea who is on the EASA Board. Using our industry expertise, we have used these guidelines, along with job analysis on aviation role to form our Aviation Suite for the successful assessment, selection and development of applicants globally. Our Aviation Suite has been adapted to industry specific versions of our assessments and it is used to target competencies, abilities and behaviours that have been identified as vital, and are predictive of on-the-job performance and safety behaviour.

Using our innovative and creative approach combined with valid and reliable ability and behavioural assessments we have created robust end-to-end attraction, selection, and on-boarding processes to attract high-quality applicants and provide them with a consistent and positive candidate experience. Our tools are already in use by many of our clients within the industry, with 100+ Airlines & flight training schools including 5 of the 7 largest airlines in the world.

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OdiliaClark is a specialist HR company with over 30 years of experience within highly regulated industries. OdiliaClark offers independent impairment risk management as well as drug and alcohol testing services, using state-of-the-art Dräger equipment that’s used by the British Police and Fire Services

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The Centre for Aviation Psychology promotes psychological well-being through confidential access to specialist psychologists and resources.

In response to the wake of the German Wings incident and to meet future EASA and FAA directives, the Centre for Aviation Psychology was established in 2016 to support aviation professionals (e.g. pilots, airlines, flight schools, cabin crew, air traffic controllers and AMEs) as they adapt to this new and emerging landscape.

The CAP teams offers years of clinical expertise and a track record of delivering large scale, organisation wide interventions